Can You Lose Weight with Nintendo Wii Fit?
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Can You Lose Weight with Nintendo Wii Fit?

What's all this rage about Nintendo Wii Fit? is it really a fix for your weight problems? Can it really kick your exercise routine up a notch, helping you reclaim that once glorious figure? I'm going to debunk some of the myths surrounding this new way of exercising.

First of all, buying anything - whether it's a treadmill, exercise videos, or a Thighmaster - is not going to get you into shape alone. A lot of people fall into the habit of thinking they can find a quick fix cure for their weight problems. They see a persuasive ad on tv and think "Aha! If only I had that, I would be thin, too! Just like all of the people in the advertisement!" Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Nintendo Wii Fit does work - but you have to use it regularly. Not only that, but you have to pair it with a healthy diet and lifestyle to really see results.

Here are some Pros and Cons of Wii Fit:

  • PRO: You can use it at home, anytime you like. So what if your gym is closed, or you were late for yoga class and didn't make it in this morning? Because the Wii is in your home, you can exercise around your schedule.
  • CON: I find the Wii Fit does work out my muscles, but it doesn't give me the full cardiovascular work out that I need. However, I am a cardio junkie and need that elevated heart rate to feel I've done a full work out. Others may not feel the same. I usually use my Wii fit for the yoga program, and run outdoors regularly to fulfill my cardio needs.
  • PRO: It's a one time payment. Gyms require monthly fees, no matter how often you use them, and drop in rates are exorbitant. The Wii is a one time purchase, and you don't have to feel guilty about money wasting away on fees if you don't end up using it one month.
  • CON: In an atmosphere like a gym, or work out class, people tend to work out harder. They know others are watching them, and are more accountable in their exercise. With the Wii Fit, you are likely to be home alone, and can stop anytime, running for the pop and chips.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of the Wii Fit. In my experience, it has augmented my exercise routine, but is not sufficient alone to keep me in my optimum best shape. The only thing that can do that is a combination of healthy eating, drinking, exercising and living.

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Comments (4)

Thanks for the response musemomentum! I guess it's hard to substitute for being outdoors and at a real gym.

My friend has used hers and is doing really well. She used the hoola hoop and has an hourglass figure now. I am not so sure I am that disciplined and find walking 4 dogs, up vineyard hills helps my hips slim down. Good article.

Very nice job, shared and voted too!

You are correct in stating it has to be combined with proper eating habits, and the fact it has to be "used". I have one that I was very diligent about using  for quite some time, and it helped in maintaining a healthier weight. My downfall was not getting back to it after the summer was over (I spent a lot of time outside when it is nice), so this year I did put on some extra weight (about 10 lbs). A dislocated shoulder and spending too much time at my computer were both contributing factors I'm sure, as my eating habits are healthy. I used my Wii mainly for the yoga, and did find with regular use it helped with lower back problems I was having. I wish I could hook it up outside. :)